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An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results

by Harry Paul & Ross Reck

From the co-author of FISH!, this book reads in a similar way: an easy to digest fable about a supervisor who’s struggling to rekindle the enthusiasm and support of her team at work.

Here is the Five Day Revved Action Plan:

Day One: Winning Them Over – Be Positive and Upbeat
Say something positive – cheerfully greet everyone you come into contact with and have something positive to say to them. Also use the phrase “thank-you” whenever you can.

Day Two: Winning Them Over – Show a Genuine Interest
Actively engage – in addition to smiling and saying something positive, eg ask them how things are going.
Actively listen – stop what you’re doing and focus solely on what these people have to say and nothing else. As a few questions about what they are saying. Do the same when people come to you with a question or problem.

Day Three: Blowing Them Away
Singling them out – identify those people who have just gone the extra mile for you.
Blowing them away with your expression of appreciation – eg send a thank-you note to the person’s boss and boss’s boss, copy the person who went the extra mile. Do it with hard copy, not email.

Day Four: Keeping Them Revved
Practice Winning Them Over and Blowing Them Away with everyone you come into contact with, not just the people at work. (grocery clerk, sales staff, tellers, neighbours)

Day Five: Enjoy!
Take note of how great all this makes you feel and how much easier your life has become. You’ll begin to hear those magical words is there anything else I can do for you?. Keep doing what you’re doing and watch your personal army of advocates begin to grow.

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