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A quote I cherish is “leaders are readers”, and how fitting then is a site with the moniker 800 CEO Read?! Check out the review on a book I read and loved, Mavericks At Work. I’ll be frequenting this site for new titles to add to my ever-growing list of books to read.

Sidebar: how’s this for an interesting ‘full circle’ experience. After perusing 800 CEO Read, I was intrigued about Gary Hamel’s latest book, The Future of Management. I wanted to purchase The Definitive Drucker(my library copy proved to be worth owning) , so off to Chapters I went to dole out some funds for both reads. While in the business/leadership section, a young fellow asked me a couple of questions. This led to quite a dialogue about what he was looking for and the books I had read and recommended. In the end, my official recommendation was for him to check out both the changethis and 800 CEO Read websites! PS I didn’t purchase Hamel’s book, but did walk away with EHE’s book as well as The Art Of Possibility. Watch for my flags on these two.

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