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The Personal MBA

I ended up on squidoo’s site to check out The Personal MBA. I can’t imagine the rigor required to define 69 books.

Here’s the gist from the site itself:

The core of the Personal MBA is a list of the very best books the business press has to offer. Some books will give you tools: processes or actions you can apply immediately to your improve your life and work. Others will give you ideas: help in envisioning what you and your business are capable of becoming. All of them will give you mental models: useful ways of thinking about the world that you can use to your advantage in a wide variety of situations.The Personal MBA Recommended Reading List is the tangible result of hundreds of hours of reading, research, discussion, and evaluation. By reading these books and applying what you learn to your daily life, you will progressively develop a greater understanding of business and increase your effectiveness in the working world. Each book in the list has been selected for a single purpose: to maximize your educational return on invested time.

This appeals to the reader/learner in me. I know the impact reading business books has had on me, so definitely support the idea that reading books like these gives you incredible insight and business advantage. What I’m not convinced of is that these 69 books are the right books for everyone. I think I prefer my meandering journey over a prescribed list. However, you can be I will be checking the list for recommendations.

Happy reading!

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