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Cool Time

A Hands-on Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time

by Steve Prentice

from the back… Cool Time doesn’t focus on prioritizing and agenda setting. In the real world of interruptions, e-mail, and distractions, few people are able to organize their work in isolation from everything else. In fact, effective time management is more about human relationships and expectations than it is about making lists.

Amanda’s note: While I did pick up some tips and insights from this book, for some reason I didn’t have any flags. I think it’s because I learned so much between the Covey workshops and Working Smart With Outlook, that my new nuggets weren’t the loud ‘ahas’ that I typically experience when I read.

However, here is just a list of the stuff I remember picking up:

– schedule 55 min meetings
– check email at set times a day (I’m doing 9, 11:30 and 4pm and it’s working great)
– the I-beam review
– keystone time
– opportunity time
– right not to answer if you don’t recognize the number on call display
– out of office message on your phone – make it a good one
– a great deal of email is sent before it’s really ready to be sent
– use effective subject lines
– alternate meeting strategies: stealth and pouncing and coffee shops
– May and October/November are peak times for energy levels, staff availability and work focus
– use a word document for your knowledge base (can assign bookmarks and hyperlinks within document)

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Amanda – Glad you (mostly) enjoyed my book, Cool Time. Looking forward to your thoughts on “The World Is Flat.” Have you read any Stanley Bing? (Haven’t had a chance to review all of your posts). I find him quite humorous. What part of the world do you blog from?
– Steve Prentice


Wow! What an honour to see your message this morning. Would you believe that this is my first comment on my blog (I keep it more as a self-serving log of my reads, kind of like my “knowledge base”!). I hope you see this response as I’m not quite sure how to direct this back to you.

Your book was great – I’m just fortunate that I’ve been exposed to some great philosophies aleady (including a PM course).

I haven’t read any Stanley Bing, but I loved “The World Is Flat”. I’m not quite finished it, but it’s in the lead for my ‘book of the year’ for 2007. Have you read it yet?

What would be your fave book of ’07?

Amanda from Vancouver, BC

Hi, Amanda. I keep track of media and blog coverage of my books and appearances through Goggle News Alerts. That’s how I became aware of your posting. It is refreshing to get to know people who can write and think intelligently on the web. My favorite books in ’07 in the fiction department are “Shalimar The Clown” by Salman Rushdie, and “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. Both are epic novels with many characters and a great number of twists and turns. My favorite business book is “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Toronto and NYC

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