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Change This – New Manifestos Jan 2008

A favourite treat arrived in my inbox last week: six new manifestos from I haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet, but I soon hope to devour them – they all sound tasty!

Here’s the list:

42.01b Marketing Mismatch: When New Won’t Work with Old (Riffs on Meatball Sundae) By Seth Godin “People treat the New Marketing like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill at an ice cream parlor. They keep wanting to add more stuff—more candy bits and sprinkles and cream and cherries. The dream is simple: ‘If we can just add enough of [today’s hot topping], everything will take care of itself.’ Most of the time, despite all the hype, organizations fail when they try to use this scattershot approach.”

42.02 The Future is Here and It is Bright: What Are We Waiting For? By Gary Hirschberg “We need more than simple awareness to break our generations-old,fossil-fuel-induced stupor. We have known what we should do, but we clearly have not done it. And the situation has deteriorated because of our lack of action. After more than three decades spent working in the environmental movement, I am convinced that economic self-interest—whether it is achieved by saving, earning, or a combination of the two—is the most powerful, if not the only, force capable of bringing about the future we need in time to make a difference….”

42.03 Humanize It: Bring a five-star sparkle to your customer interactions and watch your business flourish. By Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon “The best thing you can do for your business is not about new technology, brute force, or first-mover advantage. It’s something simpler. And more dependable. Humanize each customer interaction, in order to turn your product or service into much more than a commodity. In your customer’s mind, commodities are interchangeable and replaceable. Humanized relationships are not.”

42.04 A “Where’s Waldo” Approach to Problem-solving By Adelino de Almeida, PhD “We’ve all encountered bad solutions that come from bad problem-solving; heck, we’ve even encountered good solutions that were somehow generated from bad problem-solving…All you need to become a proficient problem-solver is a basic understanding of the concept behind the Where’s Waldo books: unbeknownst to most, these books encapsulate all the wisdom necessary for sound problem-solving.”

42.05 Ideaicide: How To Avoid It And Get What You Want By Alan Parr and Karen AnsbaughIdeaicide is deadly. People come up with lots of new ideas everyday, but nothing happens….The problem is not usually the ideas themselves….Corporate forces act to eliminate risk and make an idea conform to the company’s existing business model, not to the needs of the marketplace. The edginess of the idea is gone, replaced by cold, calculated efficiency and predictability. We will show you how to bring your ideas to life.”

42.06 Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow: Embodied Leadership By Jaime Wheal “Somewhere between Ancient Athens and today’s Aeron, we’ve lost the plot and come to believe that all of Reason and Innovation resides inside our skulls. Organizational leaders require more than coaching “from the neck up” to compete in today’s information age. We need to develop our physical, cognitive and relational capacities and expand our bandwidth.”

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