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Here’s two great things I read last year that came up in a discussion this week (this reinforces the idea of blogging everything I am learning – not just books… I was given the articles to read only to realize, most of the way through them, that I had already read them)! And not only read them…

From IBM’s Global Business Services, their paper on “Innovation – Shifting the strategic focus of learning” provided both inspiration and a ‘sanity check’ for my learning model project team to confirm we were on the right track with our thoughts. I’ve signed up to keep updated as new papers are released from this global think tank. Visit the website here:

The other paper was from Gary Hamel and Lowell Bryan titled Innovative Management. This is a brilliant read, and from it I used a quote for an exec presentation:

Gary Hamel: There’s a danger too, I think, of creative apartheid. Too many executives seem to believe that while a few people in the company may be really clever and creative, most folks aren’t. When you look at companies like Toyota, you see their ability to mobilize the intelligence of so-called ordinary workers. Going forward, no company will be able to afford to waste a single iota of human imagination and intellectual power.

The full paper is a worthwhile read – so many great thoughts to noodle on…

Tonight, I’ve signed up for fastcompany’s newsletters, Harvard Business Reviews’ updates, IBM’s GBS updates, and also McKinsey Quarterly’s newsletter! Gnothi seauton…

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