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Unleashed! Coaching ebook

This is an amazing find passed along to me by a colleague: en ebook titled “Unleashed! Expecting Greatness and other secrets of coaching for exceptional performance”, by Gregg Thompson with Susanne Biro.

I loved the 60 Big Coaching Questions (one idea for the colleague is to pick some of the areas and have your employee choose two questions that speak to them the most, then form your coaching sessions around the two questions – pwerful stuff!) as well as The 10 Big Acknowledgements.

And how about this amazing paragraph on page 4:

“Why Coaching? Why Now? Management futurists are fond of predicting a War for Talent. They foresee atime in the near future when organizations will be battling for their very survival in thearena of top performers.I agree; however, I also believe that this war can be fought and won primarilywithin the organization itself.Look around your organization right now –in its cubicles and inside its hallways, in itsmeeting rooms and labs, on its factory floor. Any place where people work you will findenormous, untapped potential waiting to be developed. No need for headhunters orexpensive recruitment campaigns.Talent is everywhere. Coaching is the key to unleashing it!”

View the ebook here:

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