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6 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent Around

From Workopolis… I love the advice about job fairs. LOVE IT!

6 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent Around.
Monday, March 17, 2008

During the dot-com boom, it was easy to find talent – and you just needed a hefty signing bonus to get them in the door.

Not true today.

In today’s job market, your best new hire already has a job…and is unlikely to be looking for a new one. Now’s the time to make sure your recruiting strategies are efficient and effective. Even a little creative.

These 6 tips can help you find the best talent out there.

1. Embody your brand – and your values – in your recruiting efforts.
Your marketing team knows how to sell your products or services to prospective customers.
But have you thought about how you’re selling your company to prospective employees?

When the market is as tight as it is today, you should focus on selling the best parts of your business to candidates. They’re asking, “What’s in it for me?” not “What can I do for you?”

So from your job postings to position descriptions, your website to your follow-up emails, double-check to ensure they embody your values and brand. If your business offers personalized customer service, don’t use form letters to turn down candidates. If you emphasize family-oriented work-life balance, outline the specific benefits available.

Even if you don’t get the right candidate right away, everyone you talk with will spread the word about what you offer – and how they were treated.

2. Forget about job fairs.
Know who goes to job fairs? People without jobs.

Most great employees are already in a position. And those who don’t, have strategies of their own to land their next job.

Instead of wasting time and resources collecting resumes from unqualified candidates, focus on tapping into your employees’ network of professional contacts.

Invest part of your recruiting budget on rewarding employee referrals. You might also want to invest in professional networking associations and extend membership to your most personable, happiest employees. They’ll be your best salespeople – and most cost-effective recruiters.

3. Offer an attractive, competitive compensation.
The old rule of thumb holds true: You get what you pay for.

Take the time to research what your competitors are offering, then make sure that your offer is just as attractive. Online tools like PayScale make it easy – and far more affordable than missing out on a new hire.

And remember, you’re compensating the person – and all the skills they bring to the table. It’s not enough to simply assign a pay range to roles outlined in the job description. So once you’ve found a winner, review the salary against their specific skills, talent and experience.

Match pay to people, not job descriptions.

4. Design benefits tailored to your employees.
A recent SHRM study showed that Gen Y employees would rather have an extra day off than extra pay. Are your company’s benefits rewarding employees on their terms?

First, make sure your benefits are competitive by doing a little online research at PayScale. Take a look at what other companies in your town – and your industry – are currently offering.

Even if you have a strong benefits package in place, take time to educate potential hires (and current
employees) about the specifics of your plan. Does everyone have a paid holiday calendar posted in their workspace? Are people using the massage and chiropractic care that’s covered in your health plan?
A little information goes a long way in wooing candidates into joining your team.

5. Don’t be limited by industry experience.
It’s tempting to set aside resumes that don’t showcase specific industry experience.

But you might want to take a look at the core skills that are transferable to your open positions. While it won’t help you fill the .NET developer on your list, you can find new customer service talent and salespeople with incredibly varied backgrounds.

Review the positions you have open, and see what values and skills are at the heart of a successful candidate. Then take a fresh look at incoming resumes and look for the right person…and see if you can train them to become your next top performer.

6. Consider alternatives to full time positions.
If you’re having a tough time filling a role, think again about what your team really needs. Can you hire a contractor in to fill the need? Once they fall in love with your environment, they might come on full-time.

Or is it a role that can be filled with part-time help? Many parents are looking to downsize their worklife, or reenter the workforce without sacrificing valuable family time. Job sharing and telecommuting options are increasingly popular among today’s best workers.

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