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Provoking Productive Thinking

How about instead of aspiring to be a learning organization, it is to become a thinking organization?

The gist…

As foresighted and innovative as management might be, the thinking that’s likely to have the greatest impact on improving processes, products and services emanates from the people closest to the work. HR leaders and others in organizations who understand this fact include frontline staff in an organized productive thinking process.

This except caused me to exclaim “Four books a week?!” (I’m trying to read one a week, with a second book on the go at all times as well, and that is a stretch!) :

According to Bryan George, a world-class executive coach quoted in HFN [Home Furnishings News] magazine, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read, on average, four books per week. Busy professionals have others regularly scan news and periodicals for topics of interest. They can supplement reading with audio books.

And another favourite:

If your organization is unwilling to embark on large-scale transformation, practice positive disobedience.

No, this concept is not a recipe for a pink slip. It’s a term used by the Center for Creative Leadership to describe the action of subcultures that model a behavior for the larger culture. It’s behavior or action that yields superior results, even though it might differ from the mainstream

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