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Throwing the Elephant

Throwing the Elephant – Zen and the Art of Managing Up

by Stanley Bing

from the back of the book… In this simple little handbook, Stanley Bing, the master of Machiavellian meanness, offers the nicest possible way to manipulate one’s executive elephant to achieve enlightenment – and power.

my flags…

pg 7 Truth #2 Desire is the root of suffering. It is the desire to achieve, to live, to make things tolerable and pleasant, and even better, that creates untold pain in the lives of men and women. Want nothing, and you shall not be disappointed.

pg 25 The inexperienced handler would do well, therefore, to know as much as possible about his elephant before it enters the room. For underneath the great beast beats the heart of a child. Find that heart and you will find the first key you seek.

pg 30 Look. Smell. Be alive to the possibilities. But say nothing. Do nothing. In such nothingness lies all the potentiality you desire. There will be time for action. Now is not that time.

pg 51 Tentative Feeding Schedule (8 feedings throughout the day!)

pg 89 Yes, the one matter about which it is worth educating the elephant, the one thing you inherently know more about, is how other people feel. It is therefore your job, as its handler, to educate the elephant on the subject of Humanity.

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