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Dr. Michael Wesch

One of the best YouTube videos I watched this year (and probably the longest one I’ll ever watch!). It’s Web 2.0, Learning 2.0, and an amazing World Simulation (sims were a big topic for me this year – learning about how people learn through the simplest analog of sims to the high tech).
Here’s more info:
Dubbed “the explainer” by popular geek publication Wired because of his viral YouTube video that summarizes Web 2.0 in under five minutes, cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch brought his Web 2.0 wisdom to the University of Manitoba on June 17.

During his presentation, the Kansas State University professor breaks down his attempts to integrate Facebook, Netvibes, Diigo, Google Apps, Jott, Twitter, and other emerging technologies to create an education portal of the future.

“It’s basically an ongoing experiment to create a portal for me and my students to work online,” he explains. “We tried every social media application you can think of. Some worked, some didn’t.”


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