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Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants

by Sara Gruen
My favourite read of my holiday break. Why? Great story, brilliant writing (nifty trick at the beginning and end – loved it), with a twist that you knew-but-didn’t-know. Read it and you’ll find out what I mean.
I would nominate this for my ‘books to re-read every year or so’ list.
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Funny tidbit: I bought this book for my mom in law for Christmas. It was a total whim buy; surfing on Amazon and the title jumped out at me. Turns out my sister and colleague both had read it and adored it, and it ended up in my hands on my holiday road trip. It’s a small world on the literary journey.

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Wow thanks! And you’re catching me with a guilty look on my face because a) I’m not doing any non-work writing aside from this book blog and b) this blog has slowed down since I’m stuck half-way though a book.

I haven’t leaped into the original content realm of blogging yet. Maybe I should?

Hi, Amanda. In oticed your reference to “wirearchy” on Twitter (glad you enjoy my blog, of course), and then noticed you live in / on the Lower Mainland, BC.

Also noticed on your blog you cited the book “Orbiting the Giant Hairball” .. love that book, didn’t know anyone else knew about it.

I live in Vancouver, near City Hall .. maybe we should meet up sometime to discuss adult learning, web-base learning, OD, etc. ?

I’m contactable at

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