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I can’t believe almost the whole year has gone by and I haven’t been blogging the books I’ve read. Some observations:

1. Last year’s goal of reading a book a week proved the old adage about the power of goals. This year’s book reading has suffered a significant decline!
2. However, my online reading has skyrocketed. At one point I was scanning up to 1500 blog posts a month.
3. Instead of blogging about many of those online gems, as I used to, I started using Delicious (which is awesome, minus the fact I can’t access it at work). You can find me here:
4. I also started using Twitter which consumed some time that was previously dedicated to old-fashioned book reading. You can find me on Twitter @AmandaFenton.

The above hasn’t meant I stopped reading books completely, only fewer. Here are the ones I have read that I will blog before the end of the year (yes – I’m saying that out loud!), in no particular order:

1. The Heroin Diaries (my sweetie is a rock-and-roll drummer; this book scared the pants off me!)
2. Group Genius
3. Getting To Maybe
4. The Living Company
5. Informal Learning
6. The Invention of Air
7. Ignore Everybody
8. Eat, Pray, Love

9. Brain Fuel
10. Squawk!
11. Here Comes Everybody (technically I still have 72 pages left – but I’m writing it here!)
12. Man’s Search for Meaning

So as of the end of October, that brings my 2009 book total to 15. Not bad!

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