Inspiration April – Installment #2: Pecha Kucha

My second event in “Inspiration April” was Pecha Kucha Vancouver, Volume 10. This was my third Pecha Kucha night and I was not disappointed. Never heard of Pecha Kucha? Click here for more info.

Observations about my experience:

1. I’m a compulsive note-taker when it comes to things like this. Could I just sit and enjoy the show like everyone else? Noooooo. There I was, Moleskine and pen out, scribbling by the light of my BlackBerry. Couldn’t see well enough to mind map, which meant sketchy notes (pun intended).

2. I love how unexpected Pecha Kucha is; it really is like a box of chocolates. What you can count on is inspiration and relevant, cross-pollination-worthy-tid-bits.

3. I don’t spell very well when live Tweeting during fast moving presentations.

4. I need to do a few more Twitter searches before the event. I thought I had the right hashtag and hoped to connect with Twitter folks who were there. In hindsight I should have had a broader search running to see who else was there that I might have known, like the cool @coryripley.

And my learnings:

I captured my key take-aways from the presentations in this mind map (zoom in to see). You’ll see light bulbs for ideas and quotes I’ll cross-pollinate in my work and my reflections in bold italics. Warning to the linear folks out there – it’s a big map!

I had some links embedded in the map but they don’t appear in the PDF. Here they are:
Project note
Video of Steph’s presentation

Next up in “Inspiration April” is IgniteBC. Look forward to sharing my thoughts from that event.

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