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Design Currency – Conference Background

Design Currency – Conference Background

Why a conference on design currency?

This quote from the conference programme describes it beautifully:

“Defining the value of design enable us to effectively communicate the contribution that our sector makes to the economic, social and cultural diversity of our global economy. Today, this value is built through trans-disciplinary collaboration of teams from diverse design disciplines. The Design Currency 2010 programme includes architects, brand directors, design managers, experience design pioneers, journalists and typographers.” – Russell Kennedy, Icograda President.

Questions from conference programme

Did it help you understand?

Did it make your life easier?

Is it sustainable?

Did it help save a life?

Did it get talked about?

Did it facilitate positive change?

Do you understand the message?

These questions may seem insignificant. But they are questions whose answers can be simple or complex. The answers create conversations. Which lead to a better understanding of design.

And through that understanding, we are empowered to connect and communicate. Design Currency: defining the value of design.

What follows in the next posts are my less-than-eloquent notes. For a better written overview of some of the conference highlights peek here, here and here. I will post all my mind maps shortly (likely with numerous spelling mistakes as I was mapping on the fly!). Also, here is a collection of my tweets from the conference.

Update: here are all my mind maps, done on the fly. Please excuse gaps, spelling and general inarticulateness. Zoom in recommended on some of the awfully large ones (and for some reason my PDF exporter cuts off the last letter of some nodes?!).

Awesome idea for socializing from the conference programme:

Not sure how to schmooze? Bad at small talk? Try this Icebreaker. Neato! (from Giant Ant Media) – finger flippy thing (also known as Origami Fortune Teller! (pick 1, 2, 3, 4… then have serious of relevant/fun questions).

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