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Design Currency – Day One Breakfast

Design Currency – Breakfast with Mark E. Sackett – Why Sitting is Not An Option

(owner of 10 related creative businesses)

My notes from Mark’s talk including my thinking in italics:

  • Interesting: equal number of hands went up for these two questions: those still passionate about what they do, and those that want to change/do different things; shows the untapped potential inside all of us.
  • We don’t share information in this profession (opportunity here – bring cases/proposals to share process etc).
  • Won’t do spec work (imagine asking a bartender to open three beers, sample all of them, then only pay for the one you like).
  • Doesn’t go to many design conferences, instead goes to business conferences/meet-ups.
  • Find someone better than you and share your portfolio – it’s an honest set of eyes (something all professionals can do – when was the last time you sat down with someone you admired and showed them your latest work to hear their feedback?).

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