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Design Currency – Frank Chimero

Design Currency – Frank Chimero

Here are some of my notes and my thinking in italics…

  • Loved the ‘wet paint’ wording Frank used at the beginning – ideas in progress (all my stuff has wet paint still on it – life in perpetual beta).
  • Big needs: complexity is going up and audience size is increasing; thus user experience design. Interesting that not many in the audience indicated they were user/interaction designers.
  • Reflected on Milton Glaser and the value of design being to inform, delight, persuade.
  • Delight offers bit of a paradox e.g. SEO can make a nightmare for a user.
  • If people aren’t paying, enthusiasm becomes your currency.
  • It’s about crafting experiences (venn: delight is the overlap between surprise and clarity) e.g. big internet button when logging on at hotel.
  • Embrace the warts – can’t always get rid of ugly situations (e.g. every exit is an entrance someplace else).
  • Turn the mundane into something special (Mac genie effect = cackle with delight). Love that he said cackle! Don’t we want our users, learners, employees and customers all cackling with delight?!
  • Errors are a perfect time to be delightful (e.g. Twitter fail whale, sign-on mix-up where screen shakes head no at you versus “you made a mistake Frank” implying “you idiot!”).
  • People delight other people; computers can’t delight (only when they act like people).
  • Change of mind-set, we’re gift givers; they gift us with attention, we can reward with meaningful experience.
  • Loved Frank’s permission to not listen to all client’s feedback – everyone’s colours muddle together and all you end up with is black

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