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Design Currency – Marian Bantjes and Ian Grais

Design Currency – Marian Bantjes and Ian Grais

Some of my notes on the rest of the morning of day two and my thinking in italics.

Marian BantjesDesigner and Artist

  • I am an artist who has made it in the business of design; hostile to strategic business of design.
  • What is art? What is design? Reoccurs over and over again; see even ‘graphic’ is being banished
  • for communication.
  • Inspire: to breathe in… gasp… inspiration is a moment of surprise.
  • Days as a strategic designer are over and days as a graphic artist began.
  • Inspiration: don’t confuse with persuasion/influence; inspiration is cross-pollinating,may inspire scientist, doctor or babysitter; can’t measure.
  • That’s why I do what I do; I want as many people as possible to see my work, notice it, and take something from it.
  • (More of the essence of Marian’s talk can be found on her site here.)

Ian GraisRethink

  • Design is kung foo: but a sticker on a loony! Oil from oil sands to Kitimat, example of doing more with less.
  • Arial cabon light – font; reduces carbon footprint.
  • Design is stratecution: what to say and then how to say; too many ideas; need visionary.
  • Design is leadership; generate a lot of ideas and making sense. (Great Rethink video here on ideas.)
  • Ask ourselves “craft”: is it clear, relevant, achievable, fresh, true?
  • What is design’s value? What values should we design? Really need to ask ourselves that. (I loved the power of this question.)
  • You have one assignment = you.
  • Hope you work in an environment with enough fresh air and water to let it out.

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