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Design Currency – Tony Golsby-Smith

Design Currency – Tony Golsby-Smith from 2nd Road

Here are some of my notes and my thinking in italics…

  • We help groups of people think together more effectively so they can design their worlds.
  • We sell thinking; people want help.
  • Art of thinking was invented by Aristotle.
  • First time in history; articulated decision making (democracy).
  • Logic machine – mesmerized western world; Descartes and deductive reasoning and a promise of control at the end of the road.
  • About reading data, understanding it then controlling it – ha!
  • Never had more info or data – are we in control of the world?
  • With this model, thinking has a bad name, but there is another domain of truth.
  • A system where human beings will invent collaboratively a new way of doing things.
  • A process by which Greeks built communities and buildings, made decisions, and ran the world with that process. This is essentially design.
  • Number one tool in the tool kit is language.
  • Strategic repositioning of design; transform organizations to be more relevant.
  • Problem/frustration = pencils for hire and engaged cosmetically at the end of the process. Perhaps would be more helpful upstream? Story of my life – spent 25 years swimming upstream.
  • Something deep and irreparable is happening in the corporate world (book recommend: Laws of Strategy).
  • Never been a more opportune time for people who know about innovation and process to have a voice.
  • It’s the thinking – design thinking – that’s of interest. We can apply it to new classes of problems that haven’t been used.
  • Richard Buchanan’s Order of Design – lower = objects, become increasingly abstract as you go up (systems, experiences).
  • Key device we use in strategy is story; writing a future story (For a bit more on this peek at this post about narrative.)
  • Can’t just read about it, we’ve got to do it; real opportunity – swimming upstream and writing future stories.
Recommend reading this article Tony Golsby-Smith wrote for The Australian: From creation to innovation.

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