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Design Currency – UX Workshop with Stephen Fisher

Design Currency – Stephen Fisher – User Experience Workshop

Here are some of my notes and my thinking in italics…

  • What is UX design? Make it make sense and work well for the site user.
  • Goals? User is there to accomplish a task.
  • Use personas; focus on behaviours not features.
  • Don’t build a persona unless you’ve talked/done research.
  • User research: if the first 3 people tell you something’s broken – fix it! It’s broken. Don’t have to keep going.
  • Book recommendation: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.
  • Sites need to make sense – what’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to someone who’s new to the site.
  • Sometimes we can refresh versus redesign.
  • Customized 404 page is important – most visited page on your website.
  • Steve’s flexible, iterative UX process…
  • Define (site type, team, understand client/industry, define project objectives, current state, gather ideas from stakeholders). Loved this: put up a content plan (who is responsible for what content/when). (Like this addition from @mary13: Content = facts + presentation of facts. I find this equation helps take the pressure off the SMEs.)
  • Research (define user groups, personas, keep visual representation in front of you).
  • Visioning (flesh things out, what wanted might not be right solution, trends, prioritization)
  • Revisions
  • Wireframe and design (taskflows, everything is explained, prototyping – even paper to move around, will always include home landing page, generic/standard page with every possible element displayed, navigation with blog/newslisting, and archive).
  • Then come back in for QA; build, users test, QA with internal/external client… never ends.
  • Tips: Style guide documentation? Can use wiki.
  • Tips: Engage client whole time; in drafts – show links in blue. (I’ve already used this in a prototype I was working on!)
  • Workshop Q&A: resources – Palantir sharing resources

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