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Design Currency – What Is the Value of Design?

Design Currency – What Is the Value of Design – Table Brainstorm

I loved the idea of some table group work in a large conference setting. Here are some of my notes from the conversation with my thinking in italics:

Our table discussed how design wasn’t just about making things pretty, not just for money, that it isn’t a noun, that it isn’t a commodity and sometimes causes new problems. Some things it was: intangible equity, evokes emotion yet also function, life saving, organic (not fixed), has a higher systems perspective, with the power to change and influence.

Each table sent a representative up to the front of the room to share their 140-character-or-less answer to “what is the value of design” (was neat to do this in a conference room of over 400 people).

Our table: a process that inspires and creates change

Some other tables’ “Value of design”:

  • improvement of the human experience through creative problem solving
  • often invisible; mostly notice it when it doesn’t work
  • universal language that helps bring order to the world
  • defined relative to the need
  • design equals solution minus problem, or solution = design + problem
  • recovers the divine in humanity (recaptures the divine)
  • enabler for purpose
  • evolution of ideas
  • when it delivers more with less
  • goes beyond the tweets
  • proportional to the degree it solves the problem
  • improvement of the human experience through innovation
  • complexity
  • beyond the bottom line; creates the new topline
  • empathic impact with purpose
  • between 6 and divinity

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