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Dinner With A Side Of Design

Dinner With a Side of Design

Take a group of mostly strangers. Add one part design thinking, one part World Cafe, mix with economics, sustainability and culture and serve over a three course meal. What do you get? Great conversation (beyond the surface who you are and what you do) around a meaningful topic.

I had the chance to participate in 2 of these dinners. My one group designed the city of the future complete with 10 minute walkable communities and free education. My second group decided to tackle a different city – Rio (asking what city problem did we want to solve – Vancouver or a city that needed it?), and came up with a creative solar panel economy complete with doctors and teachers dating, free wifi, and an ambulance that doubled as a book mobile. Special thanks to my collaboration dinner-mates:

– Robin, Kathleen and Bonne

Brenda, Linus and Cameron

(more info and pictures here)

I’d definitely use this design to create an enjoyable social experience that precedes a conference, as part of or before a workshop, or as team event. Thanks @karapecknold and @coryripley for the inspiration.

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