It Gets Easier

It Gets Easier! . . . And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers: A Fun, Practical Guide to Becoming a Mom by Claudine Wolk

Here are a few of my notes…

My experience has been that the job of staying home is definitely harder than working full-time outside the house. To be completely responsible for another human being (or beings) while trying to get housework done is a never-ending, back-breaking, frustrating job. It simply cannot be compared to working in an office where you can actually concentrate on one thing at a time while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee (made by someone else).


This concept of being around while your children play is an interesting one. My friend tells me that in Spanish this ”being around” concept is called “the shadow” or la sombra. It means being near as they play but not necessarily playing with them. Being around means your children know you’re there if they need you, but that they have the independence and confidence to figure out games, toys, and projects on their own. As they get older it’s a concept that will come in handy. They will likely not want to play with you anymore, but they will still want you around.

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