An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction

An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction by Brendan Mullen
 A few excerpts…
JANE BAINTER: I lived there about a year and I ended up kicked out of the house, voted out because it was run by community and we had these house meetings . . . like that weird reality TV thing. It was three to four, with Perry on my side. Perry was very open and fair, but they were including Chris and some others from downstairs that voted me out. What sucked was the people that they let in after were much worse junkies than I ever was.   KARYN CANTOR: Perry was really upset because he didn’t want her to leave. She and Perry were really close friends and he was the only one defending her. Jane was their scapegoat. It was like “As soon as we get rid of this Jane problem all our problems are gone. It’s Jane’s problem, it’s all because of Jane’s addiction. . . .” Perry said, “We all have one, you know, we all have an addiction, but we all sort of say, well it’s her problem or it’s his problem, but it’s really all of us, we’ve all got one.”
CARLA BOZULICH: He was going through this furious change, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It was that dramatic. He told me, “I’m changing my name!” And I was like OK, yeah. And he said I’m changing it to Perry Farrell. And I was like, huh? And he goes, get it—Peri Pheral, Perry Farrell—get it?

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